for highly-motivated, busy, on-the-go women who need the
energy to match their ambition

Does this sound like you?

You’re a strong woman, the kind of woman who takes care of everyone around you.
You’ve got everyone’s back — your family, your friends, your coworkers.
You’re the go-to.
The one keeping the ship afloat.
The one with the master plan.

The boss.

But at the end of the day there just doesn’t seem to be enough time (or energy) left to care for your number one asset — YOU.

Maybe you’ve tried other ‘weight loss’ programs but for whatever reason you just haven’t quite seen them through to the end and you’re so over wasting MORE time and MORE money on another gimmick that just doesn’t feel right.

I know you want the energy you once had…
(and you might even be feeling guilty for letting your health take the back seat for so long)


But how the heck are you gonna make it happen?!

I’ve heard that story or one eerily similar from my badass clients for the last 10 years, and I’ve had enough, us BOSS WOMEN need to stick together which is exactly why I’m so excited to introduce….




the prep work

What to Expect

In the Nutritional Coaching Session

We’re going to get right into it. Once you sign up, you’ll automatically receive your Meal Prep Guide as well as your Nutritional Support Tools to get you through the next 8 weeks. We will then schedule your Personal Fitness Assessment and your One-on-One Nutritional Coaching Session.

What to Expect

In the fitness assessment

This is where we will walk you through a simple set of movements, see where your fitness level is, see if we are working with any injuries or limitations and then our team can design an exact workout plan to meet your needs over the next 8 weeks.


the body work

Here’s where we start putting the physical work in.
You can use our online booking system to select your three workouts/week.
During each semi-private session, you will know exactly what to do by following your pre-designed workout for the day.
If you’re needing help with anything ie. technique, motivation, hold your hair back when you feel like you you’re going to puke, we got you.
One of our amazing Zen instructors will be there to support you and to help maximize your results.


the check in

We aren’t going to just send you off on your merry way and hope for success. Heck no!
Half way through our 8 weeks, you’ll come back in for another One-on-One Nutritional Coaching Session to check your progress, address any issues or challenges and help you stay pumped and motivated to tackle the remainder of the program. Body Composition Measurements are available during this session if you’re interested.


the exit plan

Of course, we would love to keep working with you BUT I pride myself on giving my clients the tools they need for future success. At this stage, if you wanted it, you can do all of this on your own. During this step, you can expect to have your final check in with our nutritionist, final body composition measurements to see your amazing results plus you’re able to keep all of the workout plans we’ve been working on over the last 8 weeks! And we discuss when and where you can do them OR if you’d like to continue working out as a group.


By signing up today, we want to offer you a special gift!


By signing up today, we want to offer you a special gift!

Once you’ve successfully completed this program, we know there will be lots to celebrate. We want you to celebrate the best way Zen knows how! Our bonus offer if a FREE private dance party for you and your girlfriends. Here we will celebrate everything YOU! Your progress, your successes, your killer energy and your fit body!
PLUS as an additional BONUS, by signing up today you’ll also receive an All-Access Pass to Zen’s regular group class schedule! Amazing!

Here’s what I’ve created to give you exactly what you’re looking for:

 The Meal Prep Book outlining EXACTLY how to shop, prep and store every meal for the week.
 3 x Semi-Private workouts per week.
 A Personal Fitness Assessment so that we can design workouts specifically for you.
 3 x One-on-One Nutritional Coaching Sessions with our Holistic Nutritionist to keep you on track and feeling supported.
 Body Composition Measurements to track results.
 An easy, online booking system to hold you accountable to your workout schedule.
 A Personal Trainer who will hand hold, give you tough love or correct and monitor technique, depending on what your style is.

Let’s talk investment.

So here it is, the details, the nitty gritty…

What is the investment in


going to be?

Our full price program is $1800

But if you sign up now, you’ll receive it for

ONLY $1500

We also offer 3 payments of $550.

Love coming to Zen. Staff is awesome. Will customize
the workout every time to make it fit your mood,
energy that day. Have to come and try it out!

This program is perfect for you if:

You know what you want, you know what you need but you’re just missing the right person to push you and hold you accountable.
You have literally said ‘i need someone to walk around with me and hit food out of my hands’ but you can’t find the right person to do that.
You want accountability but you want it from someone you trust and connect with.
You want to have the energy to not only make it through your day but accomplish all the things on your to-do list.
You want someone to tell you exactly what to do. You want to shut your brain off and be led by someone you trust.

By the end of this programs you will….

You’ll be able to feel good in your body again,
you’ll have more energy and you won’t be
dragging your butt through any given day
You’ll want to wear your favourite clothes again 
You’ll release the guilt of putting yourself first
and understand that that is what’s needed to
give as much as you do day in and day out
You’ll have a full meal prep plan every home
workouts that you can complete anytime,

By now you’re probably asking yourself – 
Who is this Jenn Ricker and why is she always talking
about the Zenlife??

Hey! I’m Jenn,

movement coach & wellness junkie.
Your voice of reason.
Your motivator and your shoulder to cry on.

I can’t help getting deep with clients, whether that’s deep in sweat or it’s deep in our limiting beliefs. I’m a pro at assessing the needs of my clients and working with them the way THEY like to be worked with. I also spread this mentality to every member of my Zen team. At the studio, we all have our own little quirks and methods, but we all meet at the same point – creating a supportive space for women to get back to themselves, get connected to their bodies and connected to their wellness journey through empowerment and movement.

Sometimes people give you what you want and sometimes people give you what you need…I like to think we meet people in the middle so everyone can get something out of the relationship. We can be there as the nurturer, but we can also dish out the tough love to keep your mind on track. Like most people, I wasn’t always in charge of my own wellness journey. I used to walk around lost and confused, not sure about what to eat, how to eat, how much to eat or even when to eat. I started by getting super clear on WHY we eat, and the rest followed.

I linked up with an amazing Holistic Nutritionist, Dana Clark, and from there we started helping women be the best versions of themselves. I also have a deep understanding of how much easier life is when my body is fit and strong, It makes every day tasks feel like a breeze.


What if I’m totally out of shape?

Perfect! A beautiful blank canvas. These workouts are designed for every BODY and that includes you! This is exactly why we design the workouts based on what the individual CAN do rather than what we WISH they can do.

What is I miss a session?

That’s ok! I want to see you 3 times/week for a workout. And we have different time slots available for you to book in. If one doesn’t work for you one day, another option will! Remember, this program is designed with the busy woman in mind!

What if something is too hard for me to do?

Modify, modify, modify! At Zen Fitness, we are the QUEENS of modifications. If it doesn’t work for you, together we will find something that does.

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