Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

by | May 2, 2018

I am very inquisitive.  I ask A LOT of questions.  I’ve learned to tone it down a bit in certain situations to not overwhelm the people around me but when I’m excited about something, I ask!


In my experience, people are very shy to ask questions.  They will usually lead into a message with ‘Sorry to bother you’ or ‘I hope I’m not annoying you with all of these questions’ and if they had any idea how many questions I’ve asked, they would know that it is no bother.  It’s actually the opposite. It’s exciting. It means you’re interested in my offerings. It also means that maybe other people have these same questions and I should provide easily accessible answers so people can find the answers!


So here is my attempt to answer some common questions I’ve received about my bootcamp over the years.  I try to imagine why people ask some of these questions. Maybe they are nervous, or they want to know what to expect.  I’m going to do my best to provide you with the answers you need.


Question #1

Is Bell Park Bootcamp aka BPB for beginners?



BPB is for everyBODY!  I love working with people of all fitness levels.  Someone just getting off the couch, someone who is looking to add more to their workouts, someone who is looking to add something new to their current fitness regime, someone who doesn’t seem to connect with any workouts they’ve and are hoping to connect with this one.  All types! So my goal, as the instructor, is to present a workout that appeals to all of these different types of people, within the same class. How do I do that? By offering modifications. Modifications are essential when it comes to group exercise. Let’s take the push-up for example.  Let’s say the modified push-up is an intermediate modification, meaning doing a push-up from your knees (I never refer to these as ‘girl push-ups’, because how lame is that? It makes it inaccessible for men who might need a modification and it implies that women shouldn’t goal to be strong women, but instead to be at a man’s level…that’s not for me).  Getting back on track, if a push-up on the knees is an intermediate level push-up, a push-up with your knees closer to your hands would be a beginner level push-up, taking some weight off the shoulders. And then we can stop it up a level taking the push up to the toes, an advanced level push-up. Now we have one simple exercise with three different levels of fitness able to participate.  That’s a basic example. I have TONS of different modifications for each position or exercise that we do and I promise to show you in person. This is actually going to lead me into the next question…


Question #2

I hate running.  Do we have to run?



You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.  My style of teaching is not the yelling, military-esque style.  It’s definitely not the no pain/no gain style. That’s just not me.  I give suggestions, modifications and I encourage you to try your best, push yourself further than you would push yourself on your own and to discover strengths that you might not know you had.  Will I make you run? No. Will I suggest it? Yes. Will I try to dig into the reasoning why you don’t like running? Yes. If running is a sticking point for you and it’s a make-or-break struggle that means the difference between staying in bed or joining us…I will offer a modification!  Some of us are dealing with injuries, some of us are dealing with excess weight that makes running really gruelling and painful on the joints, some of us have large chests and running is just downright uncomfortable and…I’m going to say it, some of us use these things as excuses to not run just because running is hard.  


So here is what I would encourage you to do…figure out your whys.  Why do you hate running? If it’s because it is painful and unenjoyable, let’s lunge walk, let’s briskly walk, let’s climb hills.  If it’s because you just suck at it and you don’t want to do it, let’s run one day, or jog one day and pick a modification the next day, eventually making running easier.  Either way, you’re moving your body! Either way, you’re building a consistent practice and adding fitness to your life. Either way, I’m just so happy that you’re here with us and I want you to share that feeling.  So if running isn’t for you, ask yourself why, and be sure of your answer, because you can bet I’m going to ask you! Will I force you or shame you? Never ever ever <3


Question #3

What do I bring to bootcamp?



Your sweet, smiling self of course 😉  And also a yoga mat and a water bottle.  You could bring a towel if you want to! It helps on those humid days.


Question #4

What do I wear?



Anything you’re comfortable working out in.  If it’s a chilly morning, I suggest layers. It helps us warm up quickly and really get into our workout.  Wear something you’re comfortable running on pavement in (or whatever modification we choose). I wear capri pants, tank tops, hoodie and running shoes.  The classic bootcamp uniform! And for those extra hot days…maybe something you can jump into the lake in for a refreshing cool down! I’ll join you!


Question #5

What do we do if it rains?  



The first thing you should do is check the Bell Park Bootcamp Facebook Page (have you liked it yet?).  By 5:30 am there will be a post on the facebook page letting participants know if we will be meeting at Bell Park or if we will be meeting at our alternate location – Zen Fitness 158 Durham St.


Question #6

Can we use our Bootcamp membership at Zen Fitness?



Yes!  When you have a bell park boot camp membership, you also have access to our in-studio classes as well.  You can check out to see our schedule. This is also applicable to class pass holders. You can use the passes for our outdoor or indoor classes!


Question #7

What if I can’t make it to all of the classes?  What if I’m going on vacation?



I have a few different sales options.  The first one is our season pass. This one is the most affordable way to stick to your fitness goals all summer long.  Even if you’re going to miss a few classes here or there, this pass is definitely the biggest money saver!


If you’re more interested in check us out for the month of June, then our one-month pass might be better for you, and if you’re loving it but not sure how often you’ll be able to come in the summer months, our 20 class pass would be a great option.  With the 20 class pass you have one year to use it and again, it counts for in studio as well as the outdoor classes. Something for everyone!


Question #8

Can I bring my daughter?



Of course you can!  What better way to model a healthy lifestyle than to add them to your fitness habit.  Maturity is key, and that’s hard to judge just by age…age really IS just a number. My suggestion is to bring them to one class, see how they do, and then make a decision from there!  If you’re bringing your daughter, her first class is on me! Send me an email at beforehand letting me know they are coming and you’re good to go!


Question #9

Have you ever seen a bear during your workouts?



This is a legit concern.  I have not. But I have seen a ton of cute, adorable dogs and puppies.  Sometimes the owners let them of their leashes and they give cute kisses on your mat…it’s pretty sweet.  But so far so good! The city is really good about keeping the trash cans empty and we are nowhere near their garbage disposal area.


Question #10

Does participating in Bell Park Bootcamp make me awesome?



Yes. This is 100% fact.  I feel like I have this secret little gem that only the ones who get out of bed early enough get to enjoy.  The calm water, the beautiful sunrise and all the amazing women that join. I’m so grateful.

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