Our long awaited Spring!

by | Apr 11, 2018

As I wake up this snowy April morning, it’s hard to believe we will be heading outside for our workouts in a little over a month.  Sometimes our winters seem so long and cold, I almost forget what summer is like. Then my mind drifts over to our wonderful morning Bell Park bootcamps. I daydream about waking up before 6am, heading down to the heart of our city, Ramsey Lake, and meeting with all of my Zennies. We all meet in the parking lot right by the amphitheatre. The women who arrive early have a good chat as we wait for 6am. It’s nice to get to know the people that you will soon be sweating with.  It’s a unique bond that we create in our morning bootcamp classes. You might not see them in any other situation, and if you do, you might not recognize each other without your messy buns and workout clothes, “oh I didn’t recognize you looking all normal’. There is a level of intimacy that is built in these routines that is rare to find anywhere else.


6am sharp we start to head to our destination. I have a few different spots mapped out at the park.  The miners walk, the dog beach, the off-road trail leading from the miners walk to the dog beach, the stairs, the steepest bike hill, and of course, Katherine Bell Gazebo.  Probably my favourite place in the entire park. The big wooden deck that hangs over the water. The spot where we can all set up our mats, move our bodies, and enjoy the sunrise.  That sunrise though… I never really knew how much I loved them until I started teaching this bootcamp. This will be my fourth summer. The really nice sunrises actually get me quite emotional.  I have been known to shed a tear when talking about these moments of absolute beauty. Each one is different, and sometimes the colours they produce are mind blowing. How awesome is it that we get to experience them 3 days/week for the entire summer?  I have to admit, maybe this whole thing is just a ploy for me to get up and go to the park to catch these sunrises. Without accountability, without someone waiting for you, it might be too easy to hit the snooze button, stay in bed, and miss something that could possible be the best thing you see all day. So many people miss it, not us. I’ve also been known to stop mid workout just to take a picture.  As if I don’t have enough on my camera roll. Just like a mom with a new born baby, you can never have too many pictures. It feels like every moment of their existence needs to be captured before it slips away. I think the biggest thing that has come out of these boot camps besides sexy ass bodies, weight loss, connections, sweat…so much sweat is that it’s given me such a huge appreciation for this stunning city!  We are so so lucky to have this gem called Bell Park. I invite you to honour it with me three mornings a week. Let’s gather, let’s move, let’s express gratitude and most importantly let’s leave it just as we found it.

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