She believed she could…so she did!

She Believed She Could...So She Did!  A Transformation Story One of my favourite parts of my job is definitely the stories that people share with me.  Mainly, the story of their transformation.  Going from "I can't." to "I'll try." to "I did it!" is so powerful and...

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Barefoot Enthusiast

To shoe or not to shoe... that is the question.    I’ll just say it right here so everyone knows exactly where I stand on shoes at Zen.  My goal is to make Zen Fitness 100% barefoot!  I’m not saying that to exclude any shoe enthusiasts out there, but I’m a barefoot...

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Just Strip-Teasing

I looked into the mirror when I got home from the Striptease workshop we hosted on Saturday, and I looked different.  My lips were puffy, my hair had tons of volume from all of the hair flipping.  I felt feminine, empowered, and sexified!   When I was younger, I could...

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Daily Cup of Yoga

There are a million ways to see your body when you look in the mirror.  For me, most of my life, the train of thought has always been how can I lose weight?  Being surrounded by a culture of celebrities at size 4 doesn’t help when you’re a size 14. Being single and on...

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Yoga & Meditation Retreat!

There are spaces left this weekend, but next weekend our cabins are full. Let me know if you're interested in joining this weekend.

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Miners Mayhem

We ranked 14,15, 18, and 39 out of 64 teams! I'm so proud of our Zen Militia teams....we were also the sexiest

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