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  • How much is it to drop in?
    $20 for Yoga and Fitness Classes and $25 for Full Moon Yoga
  • What are the drop-in payment options?
    You must sign up for each class on our app. It's up to you if you use a class pass, purchase a drop in class through the app or pay with cash on arrival. Etransfer is also accepted. Class fee must be paid 10 min before the beginning of class.
  • Where exactly are the classes held?
    Classes are held at the Katherine Bell Gazebo which is the big wooden deck in the middle of the Ramsey Lake Boardwalk.
  • Where can I park?
    There are three lots you can park in: The quickest lot is the one right next to the colourful hospital. You turn into this lot at the lights at Paris St. and Boland Ave. Once you park, walk down the big staircase and you'll find us! If you wanted to add a bit of a walk to your experience, you can park at the lot on Elizabeth St. or the lot at Paris St & York St. Both entrances of the park will lead you to our spot! Google Katherine Bell Gazebo and use that as your guide :)
  • Can I share my passes with a friend?
    You can bring a friend to their first bell park yoga class using your pass. After that, they'll have to purchase their own.
  • How do I download the WIX mobile app?
    iPhone: Android: Or enter your phone number at the bottom of the FAQ page and the link will be sent to your mobile.
  • What are the class levels?  Where do beginners start?
    Our class levels are Beginner Friendly giving Intermediate modifications and suggestions.
  • How do I book a class?
    There are three ways to book a class online. DESKTOP You can book your class on the desktop version of using your login and password. Simply click on the class you'd like to take and follow the prompts. MOBILE SITE You can book your class on the mobie browser version of using your login and password. Simply click on the class you'd like to take and follow the prompts. ZEN MOBILE APP You can book your class on the ZEN MOBILE APP using your login and password. First, you will have to download the WIX APP to your mobile device. Then, simply click on the class you'd like to take and follow the prompts.
  • How do I cancel a class reservation?
    You can cancel your class reservation using the ZEN / WIX Mobile App.
  • Does Zen teach pole dancing or will our studio reopen?
    What a lovely and wonderful time Zen Studio was. But, all good things must come to an end........or a pandemic happens and we all decided to go our separate ways, figuring out how to survive and thrive in this new world that we're in. Currently, Zen has no future plans of reopening. But never say never.
  • How does ZEN Fitness use my personal information?
    Privacy Policy We collect and utilize the information that you provide us with voluntarily. We use your information to process your memberships and to contact you with any class/instructor changes. We may use your information to contact you with future promotional offers. We WILL NOT give, rent or sell your information to any third party companies. Contact us by phone or email if you do not want us to collect or use your information, or if you would like us to delete the information we obtained. You may also unsubscribe from our mailing list by using the UNSUBSCRIBE button in any emails you receive from Zen Fitness. We take the security of your personal information very seriously. Any section of this website that collects personal or financial information is encrypted to protect it and is only accessible by our software to process payments. If you feel we are not following this privacy policy, or if you have concerns about how we’re using your information, please contact us as soon as possible.
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