Conditioning and Stretch
Heyyyy, if we haven’t met yet, I’m Jenn from Zen! 
At Zen, we are more than just fitness instructors, we are experience creators, potential seekers and movement artists!

My personal teaching style comes from my eclectic background.  Growing up I played ALL the team sports and in my twenties I was introduced to martial arts, kettlebell strength training and yoga. I started to understand what it was like to train my body for something specific, to train to see what my body could DO rather than just what it LOOKS LIKE.

Through Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai kickboxing, I had the opportunity to train, compete and help my instructor build his martial arts business.  This is where I not only gained a passion for unorthodox movement and training with passion and purpose but also for entrepreneurship.


I invite you to come move with me, come train with me and we can explore what your body is capable of.  In my classes you can expect tons of variety, lots of modifications and a wicked, fun playlist.


Kettlebell Flow | MON WED FRI 7:00 AM


Feel and Focus | WED  6:00 PM | SAT 9:15 AM

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Dance and Stretch
Her style is sultry, sexy and silky smooth.  As a Burlesque performer, she owns whatever stage she’s on and at Zen, virtually and in person, she makes you feel like you can own the stage too.  
With a lifetime of practicing and teaching dance plus rhythmic and aesthetic group gymnastics, pole dancing was a natural progression. 
Seija says her biggest motivation is her students along with her dance community. Trying to pinpoint a favourite song to groove to she said ‘That’s too hard. I think everyone knows my playlists are all over the place.’ 
Check out her eclectic style our Stretch & Flow Classes.


Stretch & Flow | MON 5:30 PM 

Plus Special Events and Workshops!  


Ass & Abs
One of the OG Sudbury Pole Queens, Vanessa has been teaching since 2004 and says her biggest motivation is her students.  Watching them come out of their shells and the satisfaction on their faces when they complete a move is one of her biggest joys. 
Vanessa considers Zen her safe place. ‘It’s a studio where this is no judgement, where all the students encourage each other and motivate one another.  No matter how bad of a day I’m having, or what’s going on in the outside world, when I step up on the Zen stage, nothing else exists.”
Being a mother with two very active boys, this is her ‘me’ time.  Vanessa's classes focus heavily on Pole Conditioning and her grooves are very eclectic. Her virtual offerings is her signature Ass & Abs class offered every Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9:15am.  Come target those areas with her and have a lot of fun while doing it!  Expect to feel the burn.


Ass & Abs | TUES AND THURS 9:15 AM

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Dance Squad

Sammie brings the choreo and Chelsea is team captain.  These Queens of the Underground are the real deal. This dynamic duo are the lead choreographers of the Sudbury FIVE Dance Squad.


Chelsea has been training as a dancer for 20 years at Claire’s School of Dancing and had transitioned into dance instructor for the past 6 years.  

These ladies thrive on living outside of their comfort zone and love inspiring others to do the same.

Stay Tuned for Class Offerings and Future Dance Squad Try Out Information