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Booty Booty Booty

I'll be the first to admit it, I'm a little booty obsessed. NOT just because I love the way a fit booty looks in jeans. NOT just because we like our curves to be an accessory. NOT just because they make yoga pants look amazing...even though those are all good reasons. I am glute obsessed because they are our powerhouse muscles, they do a lot of the heavy lifting if we use them properly AND they support the low back. I hear so many of my clients mention lower back pain. The main culprits are either an injury (probably from lifting improperly) or from sitting at their day job all day. I could go on about how we need to get up from our work chairs (or ditch them completely) every 20 minutes but that would be a different blog post. Instead, let me help you strengthen your glutes with this workout so you can maximize the support you give to your low back. That sounds like a great start! Build your booty with this workout!

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