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Early Morning Sleepy Sequence

Maybe you can tell in this video, I rolled out of bed with the craving to get my body warm and moving first thing in the morning. In my non-quarantine life, I teach a 6 am weekday workout. I've been teaching an early morning bootcamp for the past 9 years in Sudbury, Ontario.

When my studio closed, I allowed the lifestyle switch to also change up my class schedule. I decided to take a break from alarms and 5 am wake ups to let my body rise naturally. My natural wake up time seems to be 7:30 am, making our 9 am classes kind of perfect, leaving me time for my personal morning routine. But I do miss hoping out of bed and into a workout right away, so this morning I did just that and I thought I would share it with you. Sweatpants, sleepy eyes and all. Check out these 5 sequences. We will complete them 20 times each creating 100 moves to help you start your day. I hope this inspires you to move when you want and how you want, it's your body after all.

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